Why Us?

  1. BulletCustomer Service:

  2. by humans

  3. that speak English,

  4. reply to email within 30 minutes (usually 5),

  5. answer the phone without putting you on hold or making you dial 10 more digits through 10 nested menus,

  6. and can actually service your requests and inquiries without redirecting you to the “next level of support”

  7. during 365 days/year (366 on leap years).

  8. BulletWe have been In the same business since 1997.

  9. BulletSpeak directly to the software developer of your application or website, not “tech support”.

  10. BulletExcellent customer track record (ask us for a recommendation list).

  11. BulletCross platform software that works on all operating systems and all browsers including mobile and smart phones.

  12. BulletComplete solutions with hosting, incremental backup service, security package, email addresses, domain name registration and renewal, and unlimited storage space and bandwidth, without hidden fees.

  13. BulletWe are a small company without huge overheads. We pass the savings from marketing, advertising, buildings, travel expenses, catering etc. to you.

  14. BulletWe will not push you to buy our product or service. If we cannot do it, we will recommend another solution. If we can, we will state why and how and let you decide. We will not call you every day to ask if you have made a decision.

  15. BulletWe provide free prototypes, assessments, demos, training sessions and consultation.

  16. BulletWe will support your product for as long as you stay with us. We use open source platforms wherever possible, so you can take your product to another host or developer anytime. We do not own your custom application or website and we do not own your data. You do; because you paid us to develop it for you.